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Immobilis Family Office takes care of the holistic management of the clients` total property assets as owner representative. Our guiding principle is: “Conserving Value – Adding Values”.

In order for the condition of the property to allow an optimal valuation at all times, rental agreements need to be continuously checked for legal certainty, indexation, rental structure and income, both locations and loans need to be monitored, operating costs must be reduced, maintenance backlogs must be cleared and construction potentials need to be lifted.

Thus, Immobilis Family Office offers a type of real estate management which is novel in Germany: internal and external expert know-how, coordinated and managed under one roof. Due to the existing competence pool, Immobilis is able to offer all services pertaining to real estate flexibly and in cost-oriented manner. 


Our central contract management and reporting system is the backbone of our Family Office. It includes the documentation of all purchase and rental agreements, loans and cost and value drivers; further, as part of our reporting, all business transactions are shown in reports to the investors.

Object and tenant management

Professional object and tenant management is essential in order to recognize a property’s potential and thus maintain and optimize its value. We proactively manage existing rental agreements (e.g. ongoing management of rental income, rental accounting, rent increases, terminations, search for and selection of new tenants) and take care of the selection and control of the service providers in charge of the property (e.g. facility management, craftsmen).

Thus, appreciation potentials of tenancies and the object itself (e.g. loft conversions or housing modernization) are identified for our clients at an early stage and put up for discussion.

Construction Measures

Existing properties need to be maintained and require modernization on a regular basis in order to retain their value. These tasks are executed by various service providers such as e.g. architects, planners, construction companies and craftsmen. In addition, there are lawyers (e.g. for approval procedures, tenancy and construction law), experts (i.e. for fire protection and static), banks for financing and tax advisors.

It is necessary to coordinate these service providers, monitor their costs with regard to necessity and budget, and to meet schedules.

For this purpose, we offer our clients commercial efficiency, budget and schedule controlling as well as construction controlling. 


Immobilis Family Office is responsibly managed by the partners Thomas FleischmannMartin PickertProf. Dr. Matthias Ottman as well as Dr. Bernhard Scholz.