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Dr. Bernhard Scholz named Partner

Svenja Lange-von Oertzen

Dr. Bernhard Scholz joins IMIIIOBILIS Group as new shareholder and partner. Upon finishing his present occupation as member of the board of pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, Dr. Scholz shall take up in 2017 his activity as a member of the IMIIIOBILIS-team, contributing his vast experience to the services offer of IMIIIOBILIS Group especially in the areas of debt-advisory and restructuring.

With Dr. Bernhard Scholz, IMIIIOBILIS Group gains a well known finance expert, who for many years has borne key responsability in the German financing industry. Clients of IMIIIOBILIS Group will benefit from Bernhards experience in creating optimized financing structures or, in cases of distressed assets, restructuring them comprehensively and sustainably.